Arca Gift Collection Round Bowl 254

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Arca Gift Collection Round Bowl 254
Arca Gift Collection Round Bowl

240 Diameter x (h) 35 mm

Code: 254


Arca Gift Collection Round Bowl 254

Round bowl in horn
240 Diameter x (h) 35 mm

Luxury is a gift of uniqueness. With Gifts collection we exhibit a series of everyday use pieces characterized by daring and delicate beauty at the same time.
The horn manufacture refines showing its unquestionable majesty even in the smallest objects. The artisans’ hands mould and carve the materials, giving birth to jewel boxes, branched candlesticks, frames, bowls, champagne crates, cutlery which, with the uniqueness of the horn, evoke worlds and atmospheres.

Creativity plays a role with shapes inspired by nature and by the linear rigour of design. Gifts is a reflection on the idea of beautiful which is a luxurious choice for the space you live, but out of time. Gifts is a timeless line. It is a work of art coming from the great skill of a tradition that since the mid XX century has been improving up to today with the research and the work of whom devote themselves to preserve and transmit an old and rich knowledge. Semplicity is a gift, it is the will to express an essential beauty that is sufficient by itself. The ever changing veins of the materials make every piece a unique one.

Gifts is synonymous to a refined and intelligent style choice.