Arca Home Collection Console Table 1326

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Arca Home Collection Console Table 1326
Arca Home Collection Console Table

1050 x 350 x (h) 820 mm

Code: 1326


Arca Home Collection Console Table 1326

Console table in dark horn and brushed black poly lacquered wood with chromed brass frame.
1050 x 350 x (h) 820 mm

Luxury and sumptuousness. Lux is a sophisticated collection which combines the precious research of materials and design, giving birth to a series of very exclusive pieces. The thorough horn manufacture is an explosion of beauty and style. Linear in design, lamps are sinuous creations; cigar cases are jewel boxes, precious furnishings are magnificent and singular sculptures. Every piece is handmade and is characterized by those unique and ever changing particularities of the live horn material.

Lux is the choice to work the most exclusive materials we devote ourselves in the search of with antique and expert processes. Engraving is the technique to carve materials, allowing light to play and reflect inside the scratches. Noble metals are plated 24 carat gold and palladium. Diamond manufacture is the process shaping the surface of the horn which is sign of an undiscussed preciousness. Manufacture is meticulous, a point of excellence in our tradition.
Lux is brightness, luxury, the aesthetic taste that looks beyond the superficial beauty reaching the eye.

This kind of beauty is the particular taste filling the space with art and consciousness which give birth to collections.
With Lux, the everyday living universe is enriched with tradition and the most actual style.