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Isy is a system that speaks the language of simplicity: it is not an effort of design but an idea which flows from water's own creativity and follows its plastic forms.

Beginning with just a few essential items the range has expanded to include seven complete diversified product lines that nevertheless have a common theme: immediacy of form and modularity.

ISY is EASY - to install and to fit into every environment.

The Isy collection is a return to essentials that revolutionizes classic methods of technical design : A single coherent system that takes advantage of the infinite modular possibilities of the four original basic lines: Isystick, Isyarc, Isycontract and Isybagno, to which two more collections have been added; Isyfresh, with its distinctive blade-edge waterflow and Isyshower, which completes the shower offerings.

Isy is Zucchetti's answer to the technological and formal evolution of the bathroom environment based not on static designs but on the ability to change. Where there's change that's where Isy will always be.

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